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^*^ Hannah ^*^

Artist, Maenad, Witch.

Magik is the process and the application of the entirety of my experience and I seek to make it the fullest expression of what I truly am. My practice is both practical and spirit-evolving. I am always hungry. I am always looking for another perspective. I am always smiling and seething at the same time. Grateful and yet seemingly eternally dissatisfied. What does my practice look like? It’s incense ash, piled offerings, the sweat and heat of dance, chanted poetry and the ephemera of melody picked out on a mandolin, drum, or solitary vocalization. It’s faces in a black mirror, it’s hospitality for the bodied and unbodied alike…It’s secret, personal, intentional things. It’s “yes” and “no” at the same time.

Hannah spends her spare time dancing, making music, folk costuming and devouring books. She is a lab coat wearing poet by day, and a raving unseelie by night; just living life deliciously and trying to ask the best questions.

Current Projects Include:



Tottendanse (danse macabre)

Boney Pony Productions (podcast production)

website coming soon…


Picture of Hannah and Jinx by Carolyn Carter


Hannah Evans Wand