Stormy’s Corner


Homesteader, Crafter, Witch.

While my personal alignment tends to falls in the gray area, I try paint my reality and timescape with all the colors and shapes I can perceive.. And some that I can’t. I feel that there is always more to do and learn, and that once you think that you have ‘fully mastered’ something, you lose. If you are not growing, you are rotting, so it’d best to surround yourself with those who also want to grow.


Stormy spends her time collecting various hobbies through costuming, crafting, special effects and animal husbandry. A wanna-be chef by day, and an occult student by night, there is never a moment to spare. She also runs a cooking blog called Counter Culture Kitchen, so go check that out! (Plz?)

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Picture of Stormy and Tyrion by Carolyn Carter