Ancient Luwian Magick and Religion with Dr. J. Rietveld


Ancient Luwian Magick and Religion

Our episode pic this full moon is taken from an image of the goddess Kubaba with a pomegranate in her right hand. Credit: Museum of the Anatolian Civilizations, Ankara in Turkey

Its so nice to see you, seeing us, Listeners.

We know how much you love these lectures, so we won’t DARE deprive you of this one. Joined once again by Dr. James Rietveld, we’re learning about the ritual, magick, and gods of an ancient culture little known outside of academia. But as always, you gotta get through the weird stuff, like: off-key car karaoke, excessive bread-baking, and bandy-legged mosquitoes.

Enjoy the show, everyone!


luwian flyer

Flyer for the event was created by Terri Kennedy.

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Imaginery 2016 chardonay

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“Pretty fuckin’ dope.”- Stormy 2019

This months Full Moon:

Sturgeon Moon, August 2019



The Head Hunter



Using leftover coffee to make ice-cubes with. No more watered down drinks!


People/ Songs Mentioned:

Terri Kennedy

Bohemian Rhapsody– Queen

Invasive Aedes Mosquitoes


Movies/ TV Shows/ Video games Mentioned:


Forrest Gump

The Goonies

Star Trek: TNG


Places/Events Mentioned:


Wasteland Weekend

Requiem— Anaheim, CA

Ipso Facto— DT Fullerton, CA

Costa Mesa, CA


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hannahs bread

Blessings of Plenty to all our listeners from Hannah. Great are the Corn Mothers, Blessed is John Barleycorn, Mighty Demeter, Hearth Mothers, and all bringers, makers, earners, and sacrificers to their households. Hail! And good tidings to you all. 😘
#Lughnasadh #Lammas #LoafMass #Lammastide #FirstHarvest



Evolutionary Astrology with Thea Wirsching


Hello, Listeners! And might we just say how patient you are this episode?  

How we trust that you will bare through the brunt of ruined paint brushes,  romano-bae pie, and other such nonsense? ALL in the name of getting to what you TRULY want, the awe-inspiring intelligence of PHD holder of the Occult Studies, Thea Wirsching. Join us and Terri Kennedy at Ipso Facto as we learn not only more about this amazing Pluto Babe, but also what Evolutionary Astrology really means and how it is relevant to you.

Enjoy the Slice! ~ 🍕

-H & S


   To learn more about Thea, please visit:


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These Shownotes Are Still Under Construction! If you didn’t find what you were looking for, come back tomorrow!!! ❤

This Month’s Full Moon:

Buck Moon, 2019



Hannah: via Castbox





Songs mentioned:

Rasputina– Sign of the Zodiac


People Mentioned:

Terri Kennedy



Places Mentioned:

Requiem; Coffee, Tea, Fantasy— Anaheim, California

Wasteland Weekend


Ipso Facto- Downtown Fullerton, CA

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~Magik Pizza One Year Birthday Party!~


Happy Birthday to you, dear Listeners.. And to us!

This episode we celebrate the first annual MAGIK PIZZA BIRTHDAY PARTY! Wooo!~

A nice slice of casual, you will hear us contemplate where we are, where we’ve been, and where we are looking to go for the podcast! All the while listening to us slur our words, eat copious amounts of pizza, and scarf down some tasty, tasty chocolate cake!


Enjoy!~ 🍕


-H & S


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” 2016 Oregon Pinot Noir has aromas of pomegranate, red raspberry and strawberry with notes of sandalwood. On the palate, bright red fruit flavors lead to soft, velvety tannins with candied cranberry and subtle vanilla notes on the mid-palate. Sweet, fruit flavors and notes of spice offer a long, elegant finish.”


This Month’s Full Moon:

Full Flower Moon, 2019




Moving… Get active.

“Gym, dance class, playing a sport, going to the beach, hiking, camping, find a class for a hobby you’ve always wanted to try, take a walk, look up at the night sky, lay in the grass, watch the birds, look for the beauty and magick around you and interact with it. Listen, play, create, and love…please, with everything you have; Love. Enjoy the life you have while you have it. Seek out your passion, pursue it to your own glorious folly. Make your myth. Live.”



Utilizing spray bottles to their fullest potential.

“In my opinion, Spray bottles can be used for so much more than just scaring your cat.. They can be used to apply home-made insecticide to your garden beds, for applying the perfect amount of egg wash to your baked-goods, or even for dispersing an even amount of oil to your frying pan! All with the added benefit of not having aerosol in your food/home! Its cheaper, it’s healthier, it’s less waste, and it’s all around better for you and the environment.”


Websites Mentioned:

Say Something In…


Songs mentioned:

Stripped— Depeche Mode (1986)


People Mentioned:


Carolyn Carter

Adelaida Velasquez



Places Mentioned:

Requiem; Coffee, Tea, Fantasy— Anaheim, California

Dragon and the Rose— Santa Ana, California

Little Caesars Pizza

Valuetinas Pizza— Westminster, California


And now for the photos!


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Ancient Jewish Magic with Dr. James Rietveld

JR2Cropped (2)

Shabat Shalom, listeners!

Today on MP, we are joined once again by the enthralling Dr. James Rietveld, and are all the more enlightened by his lecture on Ancient Jewish Magic!  Now before we actually -get- to the lecture, we spend a good minute catching up, opening presents, and getting side-tracked. Hope you like nerdy shenanigans, guys!

Shep Naches!

-H & S

ipso jewish magic flyer

Flyer for the free lecture event held at Ipso Facto in Fullerton, California; created by Terri Kennedy



More About James Rietveld, Ph.D. :

James Rietveld is a professor of Religion, Archaeology, and Antiquities from Claremont Graduate University’s School of Religion (PhD 2006). His specialties include the History of Christianity in the Early, Medieval, and Byzantine periods and Greco-Roman religions. Also at Claremont, Rietveld minored in Islam and Hinduism. Rietveld received both his Bachelor of Arts and his Masters of Arts in History at California State University Fullerton in 1991 and 1998 respectively and a classical education in Greek and Latin from University of California Irvine from 1999-2001. Rietveld is currently teaching at California State University Long Beach. He has a passion for studies revolving around Asia Minor and is an accomplished, author and radio presenter.

For more about Dr. James,  please visit:


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Country: Italy
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Sub-Region: Scansano
Grape Varietal: Alicante Bouschet,Cabernet Sauvignon,Sangiovese


This Month’s Full Moon:

May 2019




Midnight Diner– Netflix (2009)

Ritual Howls (Detroit, Michigan)

[Non-Recommendation: Pet Semetary 2019]



Join the groups on social media that are related to your hobbies! Ex: Taxidermy, Cast Iron, Homesteading. etc.. They may help you get more knowledge, friendships, and weird things you might want. Like a bag of teeth.

[Non-Recommendation: Kim Possible remake]


Songs mentioned:

Tenacious D – Tribute (2002)

Pilot – Magic (1975)





Books/ Stories/ Movies Mentioned:

Cheers (1982)

Greese  (1972)

Spaceballs  (1987)

Men in tights   (1993)

Young Frankenstein  (1974)

Stargate (1994)

Star Wars  (1977)

Star Trek  (1966)

Repo the Genetic Opera  (2008)

Kiki’s Delivery Service  (1989)

Game of Thrones  (2011)

Pet Sematary  (2019)

Fables  (2002)

Saga—  (2012)

Zero Girl— Sam Keith (2017)



Places/ Events Mentioned:


Ipso Facto in Downtown Fullerton, CA

Tip top tattoo— Downtown Fullerton, Ca

Valuetinas , Westminster Ca

Drag Show @ Velvet Lounge in DT Santa Ana, CA

Witchy Burlesque


People Mentioned:


Griffin Ced– The Green Man Store 

Hayao Miyazaki


And now for the photos!



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We couldn’t help it… (Just One More)





Saturn Astrology with Thea Wirsching

cronus-and-rhea (2)

Good day, Pizza Partakers!


On today’s fresh slice of MP, we have for you a delightful lecture and meditation on Saturn and how it affects us by the amazing, Thea Wirsching. But before you get to the good stuff, you get to wade through Dad Jokes, Capsasin, and Apple Pie.

Enjoy!~ 🍕

-♄ and S



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Halos de JUPITER

Cotes Du Rhone

Halos de Jupiter Cotes du Rhone, 2015

This Month’s Full Moon:

April 2019


Hannah: A Darker Meditation and Yogic Practice

BLACK YO)))GA  Meditation


Stormy: Eco-Friendly Dental Care

Hello Toothpaste

Bamboo Toothbrushes



More About Thea Wirsching:

For more about Thea, creator of The American Renaissance Tarot, and Pagan Priestess who holds a PHD in American occult history, visit:


Songs mentioned:

Atlan- Ashkelon Sain

Borbak- Ashkelon Sain

The Shaking of the Sheets

Painted Black- (covered) by Mephisto Waltz


Books/ Stories/ Movies Mentioned:

Young Frankenstein  (1974)

Repo! The Genetic Opera (2008)

Game of Thrones (2019)

Places/ Events Mentioned:


Ipso Facto ; Downtown Fullerton, CA

The Dragon and the Rose; Santa Ana, CA

The Cauldron; Buena Park, CA


People Mentioned:

Terri Kennedy of Ipso Facto

Soriah of Ashkelon Sain

Ogre- from the Industrial band, Skinny Puppy


And now for the photos!

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Demeter and the Cult of Eleusis; Salon Lecture by Dr. James Rietveld!

11 Demeter and the Cult of Eleusis

Listless listeners who dare to listen, boy do we at MagikPizza have a treat for you!

Today we offer to you for your listening pleasure, another FANTASTIC Lecture by Dr. James Rietveld! But in order to get to that magnificent information, you must first traverse through the seedy underbelly of Introduction mispronunciations, Depression, Alaskan Fish Skin Sewing, and getting speeding tickets while in Compton, California.

Enjoy at your own risk. ❤ 🍕

-Hannah and Stormy


This episode is brought to you by:


La Bete; Rhone, France


demeter flyer

Promotional Flyer for the event created by the Grand Madame of Ipso Facto, Terri Kennedy.


This Month’s Full Moon:

March 2019



H.P. Lovecraft Literary Podcast 

Audio News from Archaeologica



San Junipero— Black Mirror


More About Dr. James Rietveld:

IMDB Profile

Cal State Fullerton Profile

Facebook Page

London in Flames Apocalypse 1666 (book)

Artemis of the Ephesians: Mystery, Magic and Her Sacred Landscape (book)

Curandera Studios Presents Dr. James Rietveld lectures at Ipso Facto (Youtube Videos)


Songs mentioned:

You’re Welcome!– Moana;  Dwyane ‘The Rock’ Johnson,

I’m on a Boat– Lonely Island

Talk Nerdy To Me– Jason Derulo “Talk Dirty” Parody

California Love– 2pac Featuring Dr. Dre

Summer’s Gone- Circuits and Bones

Movies Mentioned:

The Sandlot (1993)

Books/ Stories Mentioned:

Whisper in the Darkness; H.P. Lovecraft (1931)

Pickman’s Model; H.P. Lovecraft (1927)

The Rats in the Walls; H.P. Lovecraft (1924)

The Cats of Ulthar– H.P. Lovecraft (originally published June 1920)

Squee; Jhonen Vasquez (April 1997 – May 1998)

I Feel Sick; Jhonen Vasquez  (1999–2000)


Places/ Events Mentioned:

Hot Topic

Comic-Con- San Diego, California

Anime Expo- Los Angeles, California

Ipso Facto; Downtown Fullerton, California

Dragon and the Rose; Santa Ana, California


People Mentioned:

H.P. Lovecraft

Henry; Hannah’s Amazing Welsh Buddy-Pal

Carolyn Carter

Hallowed Horned Kindred

And now for the photos!

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And the sweet, soul-refreshing memes:

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Ouija: Yes, or No? The Controversy!

Ouija Yes or No

Greetings Listeners!

It is Oui, Hannah and Stormy! No one else was talking about the Spirit Board controversy in February (a shame, truly), so we thought you’d enjoy a break from all the lovey-dovey nonsense and have a big fat slice of MAGIK PIZZA! Topped with Satanic Panic, story-swapping, and good old fashioned wine-slurping. Many thanks again to Terri Kennedy for this topic idea and for the use of Ipso Facto as our recording space.


-H and S

Brought to you by:


Chateau de Camarsac Bordeaux Superieur, 2015


This Month’s Full Moon:

Full Moon February 2019

conan 1

As promised: Our buff & sparkling clean Chef Stormy



The Little Hours; (2017)
The Memphis Vampire Series;  By Alex Bledsoe


Use a levain for your Sourdough starters! Use apple skins, dried raisins and warm water and let ferment for 4-5 days!

Terri Kennedy’s Presentation Sources:

Media Fueled the Satanic Ritual Abuse Craze. Social Media Will Fuel the Next False Panic. by Katie Herzog ( Mar 9, 2018)
Buckland’s Book of Spirit Communicationsby Raymond Buckland
(If you’d like further information on Terri’s notes, feel free to contact us and we can forward you copies.)

Featured Songs/Musicians/Performers:  (Entries may have multiple links. Click to hear, learn and buy!):

What could this be?
Ouija; by Morrissey (Single; 1989)
Call me on the Ouija Board; By Sharon needles (Album: PG-13, 2013)
Ouija; By Harley Poe  (Album: Satan, Sex and No Regrets, 2012)

Movies mentioned:

A Knights Tale; 2001
The Exorcist; 1973
The Devils Rain; 1975
The Devil Rides Out; 1968
Ghostbusters; 1984

Books Mentioned:

Carmilla;  By Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu
Interview with a Vampire; By Anne Rice
Dracula; By Bram Stoker
The Girls with Games of Blood; By Alex Bledsoe
Blood Groove; By Alex Bledsoe
Michelle Remembers; By Lawrence Pazder & Michelle Smith
The Satanic Bible; By Anton LaVey
Might Is Right;  By Arthur Desmond
Buckland’s Book of Spirit Communications; By Raymond Buckland

Places Mentioned:

New Orleans, Louisiana
San Francisco, California
Ipso Facto, Downtown Fullerton, California (Where our discussion took place.)
Bottega Louie,  Los Angeles, California
Mo’s Fullerton Music

Events Mentioned:

Mardi Gras
Photonics West

People Mentioned:

Terri Kennedy;  of Ipso Facto in Downtown Fullerton, California
Ian Gallows; of Anvil Sparks
Christine Honer; of Cannabis Cooking with Christine “The Stoner Crone”
Brian Leib; of Tottendanse
Zodiac Killer
Anton LaVey
Christopher Lee
William Peter Blatty
Linda Fox
Joseph Pujol; The Fartist

And Now For The Pictures! 


Stormy’s fortune came true.. Through HANNAH.


Hannah and Terri setting up the first ever MP Ouija episode!


“Ouija Board” by Norman Rockwell


‘Hon Hon Hon’, explained.



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One last time…but with more sparkle.