1 Getting To Know you

Heyyy Pizza pals!

It’s your BRAND-SPANKIN’-NEW, fresh outta the pizza box hosts, Hannah and Stormy!

For the first episode, we wanted to introduce Magick Pizza and just tell you guys a little bit about us! Kind of like a first date.. Except hopefully a little less awkward.

We are a journey-based podcast where you can sit down, grab a brew, get cheesy, and talk witchcraft. Enjoy your first slice!

The two main hosts of Magik Pizza introduce themselves and give the listeners a little taste of what this new pagan and witchcraft podcast will be like.


Show notes

Podcasts Mentioned:

Rune Soup

Druidcast: The Druid Podcast

25 years of Vampire the Masquerade: A Retrospective

Down at the Crossroads

Just a Story Podcast

Radio Lab

The Wigglian Way

The Pagan Homesteader

Inciting a BrewHaHa


Audio Book Providers Mentioned:




Locations Mentioned:

Paul Getty Museum

Ipso Facto; Fullerton


Movies Mentioned:

The Fifth Element

Return to the Blue Lagoon

Only Lovers Left Alive


Performers Mentioned:

Rachel Brice & Tobias Roberson



Episode Recommendations:

Hannah: “To go watch Deadpool 2!”

Stormy:  “To also go watch Deadpool 2.. But with the MoviePass App!”



Iphone 705

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