“The Egyptian Book of the Dead” Salon Lecture, By Dr J. Rietveld



    HEEEY Pizza Pals! We wish you a blessed Full Moon, and remember it’s an eclipse also! Today’s episode is going to be a bit different, in that we’ve  got a special treat for you today! A riveting salon lecture on “The Egyptian Book of the Dead”, by the Intellectual and entertaining, Dr. James Rietveld!


-H & S



flyer pic

Flyer for this salon lecture created by Terri Kennedy

This Month’s Recommendations


Fixing your Wool Hats: w/ Steam and Plastic wig stands

Firstly, I’d recommend getting those Hard plastic,full headed wig stands over the styrofoam ones. Mainly because the foam ones can be accidentally crushed, stained or burned much more easily than the hard plastic ones. It also cant shrink, which is a plus..

Secondly, I HIGHLY recommend getting the MALE-anatomy ones, as they are far closer to an actual human shaped head than the FEMALE ones.

You can use steam from an enclosed bathroom and hot shower for larger items, OR use a hot kettle to release the steam more precisely. If using the kettle, keep the hat/your hands a couple inches away to avoid steam burns.

After the hat is warm and soft, you can use your hands to manipulate the bowl and brim to the desired shape, getting rid of all the kinks and divets. If the hat ends up getting too wet, just let it dry a bit and try again until it’s the way you want it.



Ojibwe traditional hand-harvested and wood-parched wild rice or manoomin from Minnesota (the food that grows on the water).

“Hand Harvested and Wood Parched – Our manoomin is hand harvested by the Anishinaabeg from the 1835, 1855, and 1867 Treaty areas and beyond. We are proud to bring you this natural gift from the Earth. White Earth Nation’s wild rice is certified USDA MCIA 100% Organic.”

Seriously, guys, this tastes unbelievable…It’s a perfect addition to any special sabbat gathering and ritual potluck. Let’s support our indigenous neighbors and share the blessings of Mother Earth.



Featured Songs:  

‘Hell’ by the Squirrel Nut Zippers off of the album “Hot” (1996)

A Ka Dua by James Stone

Ancient Egyptian Love Song by Peter Pringle

Nenchefka’s Orchestra

‘Ring of Fire’ written by June Carter Cash and Merle Kilgore recorded by Johnny Cash, album “Ring Of Fire-The Best of Johnny Cash (1963)

First half of the album “Things That I Miss” by Hazem Shaheen

‘Song of the Pharaohs’ by Brian Keane and Omar Faruk Tekbilek


Places Mentioned:

Mo’s Fullerton Music Center

The Night Owl

Ipso Facto (where our salon lecture took place)

Old Towne Orange; Misc Antique Shops

Nara Deer Park; Japan

Kanaguya Bath House; Japan


More About Dr. James Rietveld:

IMDB Profile

Cal State Fullerton Profile

Facebook Page

London in Flames Apocalypse 1666 (book)

Artemis of the Ephesians: Mystery, Magic and Her Sacred Landscape (book)

Curandera Studios Presents Dr. James Rietveld lectures at Ipso Facto (Youtube Videos)


This Full Moon:

Click here to read more about this month’s Full Moon!


And Now For The Pictures!



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And the meme Floodgates, opened:


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