The Magical Fae; Working With the Hidden World of Elementals with Jennifer Morris

jen morris


Listen, listeners. The time has come.. For another slice of Magik Pizza. You will get to learn alot about Jennifer Morris, how to approach interacting with the Fae, and so much more. But nothing comes easy when its MP, it must be earned.. You will trudge through Disembodied voices, Pointy Pickle shoes, ghetto fixes and MOAR. So much more.

Enjoy the slice!


About the Speaker:

    Jennifer Morris is a certified Crystal Healer/Teacher, Reiki Master, Energy Healer, 5th degree Black Belt, proprietor of the Crystal Haven, and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. She has been a practicing witch since 1972, and student of Victoria Arkle, she is a life-long practitioner of the intuitive arts, offering years of knowledge and experience of the healing arts to all her students. And just an all around fun and wondrously sweet human being.

For more information on Jennifer Morris Please check out:

Crystal Haven

Crystal Haven Meetup

Workshop References provided by Jennifer:


This episode of Magik Pizza is brought to you by:

 Stella Rosa: Red.


This months Full Moon:

Harvest Moon, September 2019



Do something for the Equinox/Mabon/Harvest Home!!!

Our Equinox will be on September 23. Autumnal Equinox for us in the Northern Hemisphere and Spring Equinox for all of our friends in the Southern Hemisphere.

Find new recipes, try out a new spell, create a new ritual, and any other fun way of celebrating our Earth and it’s cycles around our most beautiful star.



Ghetto Fix: Using Soda Tabs for Picture Hooks


People/ Songs Mentioned:

Terri Kennedy from Ipso Facto

Nature Spirits by David & Steve Gordon, Garden of Serenity


Movies/ Books/ TV Shows/ Video games Mentioned:

Lord of the Rings: The Motion Picture Trilogy – Extended Edition

Places/Events Mentioned:

Ipso Facto in Dowtown Fullerton, Ca

Pagan Pride LA/OC

Pacific Circle Revival





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