Faeries & Other Northern European Elemental Traditions with Dr. Rietveld

fairies-have-tiff-with-birds (2)

Episode pic original art is ‘Birds’ by Arthur Rackham from “Comus, Cinderella, English Fairy Tales, Sleeping Beauty, and elsewhere”

Welcome, Listeners!

This episode we are coming back to Ipso Facto to listen in on another delicious lecture by Dr. James D. Rietveld…this time to talk about Faeries. But first you’ll get to kick it with your Magik Pizza hosts for a little wine, a little catching up, and some tasty recommendations. We hope you enjoy the magick, history, and folklore served up in this tasty slice. Thanks again, Pizza Pals.


ipso faerie pic flyer

Flyer created by Terri Kennedy

This episode of Magik Pizza is brought to you by:


A local 2018 Sauvignon Blanc from Napa Valley, California; by the Honig Vineyard and Winery. Family Owned, sustainable farmed, and solar powered.


wine.com’s review

This months Full Moon:

October 2019 Full Moon – Hunter’s Moon


Weird Studies


Steven Universe

People/ Songs Mentioned:

Dr. James D. Rietveld

David Tennant

The OC Mari Lwyd

Movies/ TV Shows/ Video games Mentioned:

Steven Universe

Places/Events Mentioned:

Wasteland Weekend

Krampus Ball


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