The Magick of Drumming Part 1 with Jamie Jones

jamie 2


Hey Pizza Pals! Can we get a drumroll please.. For slice no. 23! On today’s episode we have the pleasure of chatting with Ms. Jamie Jones, who will be giving us an inside look into the world of drumming and what it brings to the community.

Enjoy the slice~

-H and S

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HealthRHYTHMS by REMO – Learn about this fun, evidence-based whole person strategy where anyone can train on how to facilitate communication and personal expression through the medium of drumming.

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Click here to see photos of the UCI Take Back The Night 2008


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This Release Date Moon:

New Moon July 2020 – New Moons are a great time to dig deep, start over, begin projects, put away something for good, doing powerful feminine magick, reconnecting with important women in your life…amongst other things. There’s so much possibility. What are delving into magickally this new moon?





  • (In the US) To Bless the Space Between Us: A Book of Blessings by John O’Donohue originally published as Benedictus: A Book of Blessings (2007)



  • Making your own cookie cutters! My thought was, since most of us in the US are dealing with quarantine at home.. That people may be getting more into baking. I’m sure that everyone by now is sick and tired of banana bread, so why not try and make cookies? But closer to the point of my recommendation: make your own cookie cutters!  How i would do it is make a stencil of the outline of the cookie shape that you are after. As simple or as complicated as you like. Then, go out and buy some short metal sheets that are soft enough to bend to your will, and shape it to the outline of the design! Trim as necessary with metal shears, strong adhesive, and a clamp. After it has dried, you should be good to go! Then you can bask in the glory of having made your very own, unique cookie cutters! (you could even make them as gifts for family and friends!)


Places/Businesses Mentioned:

  • Goddess temple in orange county
  • UCI
  • UCLA
  • Japan
  • Hoag Hospital
  • Dragon and the Rose
  • Mahoroba USA 
  • Yogas Healing
  • Whole Foods


Stories Mentioned;

  • Kinji


People Mentioned:

  • Candy Eaton
  • Liz Prall 
  • Elizabeth Proi
  • Melissa Rodriguez
  • Merideth Llyod
  • Barry Bitmon
  • Christine Stevens
  • Zabi Yamasaki
  • Remo Belly
  • Kiro
  • Koto drummers 


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