The Magick of Drumming Part 2 with The Rhythm Sisters


Welcome back Pizza Pals!! We missed you soooooo much! Us MP ladies hope that you have been keeping well- physically, spiritually, mentally, and magickally. Thank you for being patient with us as we all readjust and recalibrate. There have been relocations, equipment breaking, life changes and lots and lots of COVID. Yes…a lot has happened in a year, but we know that you will enjoy this next installment of our magickal drumming series featuring the marvelous Rhythm Sisters hailing from California, USA. Check out some of our links below and support these amazing women. Be strong. Be inspired. Be enlightened. Be magickal. Be yourselves! ❤

Enjoy the slice~

-H and S

Featured Conversation” Notes

Meet the Rhythm Sisters

Rhythm Sisters

“Mediterranean, Middle Eastern and West African Women’s Percussion group dedicated to women’s empowerment and honoring the ancient tradition of the drum.”

Meet Our Guests:

Candy Eaton
(Musician, Teacher, Musical Director, and Founder of Rhythm Sisters)
Candy is the self proclaimed “buttered popcorn jelly bean”

Candy Recommends:

Online article about the book published by DRUM! magazine.

Megan Clifton
(Musician, Performer, Healer, Warrior for the fur-babies, & all around bad-ass)
Sydni Kitchel
(Musician, Performer, Archeologist, & founder of Daughter of Earth: Crafts and Medicinals)
Cynthia Deere
(Musician, Dancer, Teacher, & Director of Haven Belly Dance Collective)
Christine Honer
(a.k.a. “The Stoner Crone”, Musician, Dancer, Performer, and Teacher)

Christine Recommends:

Frame Drum and Doumbek Intro, Rhythm, Songs, & Chants (facebook group)

Miranda Rondeau

Marla Leigh

Raquy Danziger

Intro Conversation” Notes

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Waxing Crescent Moon January 8, 2022



An investigation of that really famous “Minoan” artifact referred to as the snake goddess that was brought to modern western renown by explorer and early archaeologist Arthur Evans who is well known for excavating on Crete and study of the ancient Minoan civilization. The book sheds light on how much of what those of us outside of academia know about this ancient civilization and the artifacts discovered early on are unfortunately misleading, highly doctored, highly romanticized, and may in fact be deliberate falsehoods. I’ve seen many of these representations used a lot in modern pagan literature, statues, jewelry…all over and most of us have no idea how badly the archaeology was botched and that basically it fed an upper class, western plundering of ancient artifacts in that part of the word. Priceless pieces stolen out of there context, sold to the highest bidder and then doctored up heavily before presented in museums. This is one of those books that if you are a modern pagan who is interested in archaeology and ancient civilizations…i highly recommend it.


The Owl House

My recommendation is to go watch the animated series called Owl House! It’s about an eccentric girl who was supposed to be sent to a summer camp for learning ‘normal’ and ‘ordinary’ things, but instead gets transported to a world full of magic and monsters! She meets a witch who becomes her mentor, and tons of wacky adventures ensue. 

I love it because it actually shows a Latina female lead, is inclusive to the gay community, and has a lot of really nice lessons in it. Plus the animation is just *chefs kiss*. Eda the owl lady is my favorite, though Hooty isn’t far behind. I highly recommend the show, and you can find it on Disney plus!

Want to find a drum circle in your area?

Drum Circle Locator (Facebook Group)

Want to list your drum circle? Let us know and we will put it up for all to see!

This episode of Magik Pizza is proudly dedicated to the memory of our friend, drummer, and teacher, Kelly Perdue. Always missing you. Sending you all our love.