1 Getting To Know you

Heyyy Pizza pals!

It’s your BRAND-SPANKIN’-NEW, fresh outta the pizza box hosts, Hannah and Stormy!

For the first episode, we wanted to introduce Magick Pizza and just tell you guys a little bit about us! Kind of like a first date.. Except hopefully a little less awkward.

We are a journey-based podcast where you can sit down, grab a brew, get cheesy, and talk witchcraft. Enjoy your first slice!

The two main hosts of Magik Pizza introduce themselves and give the listeners a little taste of what this new pagan and witchcraft podcast will be like.


Show notes

Podcasts Mentioned:

Rune Soup

Druidcast: The Druid Podcast

25 years of Vampire the Masquerade: A Retrospective

Down at the Crossroads

Just a Story Podcast

Radio Lab

The Wigglian Way

The Pagan Homesteader

Inciting a BrewHaHa


Audio Book Providers Mentioned:




Locations Mentioned:

Paul Getty Museum

Ipso Facto; Fullerton


Movies Mentioned:

The Fifth Element

Return to the Blue Lagoon

Only Lovers Left Alive


Performers Mentioned:

Rachel Brice & Tobias Roberson



Episode Recommendations:

Hannah: “To go watch Deadpool 2!”

Stormy:  “To also go watch Deadpool 2.. But with the MoviePass App!”



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A Release date to remember

Dear rule breakers, music makers, and pizza partakers! The time has come to celebrate, contemplate and usher forward into a new era! One that contains many whispers of silly nothings, yet also aims to behold your thoughts and ears to (possibly) new ideas.

Falling on the Newest Moon of June (the 13th), Magic Pizza will be bringing to you our first ever release. We look forward to launching our first episode, and hope you will enjoy listening!

Until then, Peace out, Pizza pals!

  • Hannah and Stormy